A new calculation model

of Laser beam induced current technique in GaAs

Y. Sayad1*, A. Nouiri2

1 Sciences and Engineer sciences institute, S/Ahras University, Algeria

2 Department of Physics, University of Constantine, Algeria

* Corresponding author. E-mail: ysayad1977@yahoo.fr

Received: 06 January 2005; revised version accepted: 24 October 2005


The subject of this work belong into domaine of laser-matter interaction. A calculation model of the current induced by a laser beam LBIC, based on Monte Carlo method is proposed. We are flowing the trajectory of the carriers genereted by this laser beam and the dependance with flux (incident energy per unit of surface) of the penetration depth of this carriers. The LBIC signal is calculated for n-type gallium arsenide n-GaAs as a function of laser beam position.

Keywords: LBIC; Monte Carlo; Laser; GaAs.

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