Volume 46 – March 2009


Numerical simulation of turbulent flow around a rectangular prism located symmetrically in a channel

R. Saim, S. Abboudi, B. Benyoucef

Abstract | article | Pages: 1-14


Experimental study of a domestic hot water storage tank thermal behaviour

S. Amara, B. Benyoucef, M. Benhamou, H. Moungar, A. Touzi

Abstract | article | Pages: 15-20


The role of CdS buffer layer in CuInS2 based thin film solar cells

R. Naciri, H. Bihri, A. Rahioui, A. Mzerd,  C. Messaoudi, M. Abd-Lefdil

Abstract | article | Pages: 21-25


Optical and electrical characteristics of a polymer light-emitting diode

D. Abouelaoualim, M. Assouag, A. Elmansouri, A. Elmidaoui

Abstract | article | Pages: 26-32


Calculation of the optical indices and optical absorption of the manganese on the IR-VIS-UV domain

A.R. Nadji, A. Meddour

Abstract | article | Pages: 33-37


Estimation of motion parameters using 2d lines without correspondences based on virtual electric potential model

B. Chaouki, B. Bouda, Lh. Masmoudi, D. Aboutajdine

Abstract | article | Pages: 38-47


Conductivity and dielectric studies in Rb2SeO4.Te(OH)6

H. Litaiem, M. Dammak, T. Mhiri, A. Daoud

Abstract | article | Pages: 48-52


Modelling of the guided ultrasonic propagation in cylindrical porous layer-substrate structures. Application to the ultrasonic non destructive testing of porous coating of cylindrical walls

M. El Ouahdani, H. Rhimini, B. Bougaze, M. Sidki, A. Nassim

Abstract | article | Pages: 53-62


Modelling of Lamb waves propagation in plane plates by the finite element method

H. Rhimini, B. Bougaze, M. El Ouahdani, M. Sidki, A. Nassim

Abstract | article | Pages: 63-72


Calculations and measurements of the hydrodynamics characteristics of streaming established laminar liquid film on an inclined plan

A.  Zouana, C. Philippe,  M. Hounkanlin

Abstract | article | Pages: 73-79


Improvement of the rejection technique for sampling in Monte Carlo simulation

Z. Faik Ouahab, A. Jehouani, J. Ghassoun,  A. Oubaiddou

Abstract | article | Pages: 80-84


Natural background radiation and dose rates measurements in surface soils in Côte d’Ivoire

A. A. Koua, M. A. Kouacou, D. K. Konan, M. C. Kouassi, B. Koffi, P. A. Dali, G. Ardisson

Abstract | article | Pages: 85-89


Phenomenon of resonance in the conduits with quasi-rigid materials

K. Rouabeh, E. Hadj-Taïeb

Abstract | article | Pages: 90-103


Synthesis and characterization of poly(e-caprolactone) from e-caprolactone and differents diacids

L. Belarbi, N. Boudouaia, A. Mesli

Abstract | article | Pages: 104-110


The structural study of K3Eu(XO4)2 (X=P, As, V) compounds by X ray diffraction, vibrational spectroscopy and optical probe

L. Benarafa, L. Rghioui, S. Zaydoun, M. Saidi Idrissi, A. Lorriaux, F. Wallart

Abstract | article | Pages: 111-119


Grafting of a salt of diazonium on the silicon surface type p-Si (111) and characterization by spectroscopy IR in - situ

A. Amiar, F. Ait El Hadj, M. Cherkaoui, J.N. Chazalviel, F. Ozanam

Abstract | article | Pages: 120-126


Photocatalytic degradation of micropolluants on systems based of TiO2 and ruthenium complex

N. Boumaaza, A. Kherbeche,  M. Taleb, M. Sfaira, Z. Rais, A. Taleb, M. Filali Baba

Abstract | article | Pages: 127-134


Optimization of the experimental conditions for the extraction of cellulose starting from the “Stipa tenacissima” of Eastern Morocco

S. El Barkany, A. El Idrissi, S. Ouslimane, H. Amhamdi

Abstract | article | Pages: 135-141


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